What is the Best Deck Scrub Brush

Deck scrub brushes are tough scrubbing brushes on long handles. Not only can you use them to clean decking, but they’re also great for giving almost any hard floor a really good scrub without having to get down on your hands and knees.

To learn more, check out our buying guide for information on factors such as bristle material, head size, and built-in scrapers. At the end, we’ve listed some recommended models, including the mighty Libman 547 Floor Scrub with Built-in Scraper, which is our number-one option.

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When it comes to choosing the right deck scrub brush for the task at hand, bristle material matters.

The most popular natural fibers for deck scrubbers are tampico and palmyra. Tampico is made from the agave plant and is relatively soft, so it won’t damage more delicate indoor floors, but it may not have the strength for extremely heavy-duty scrubbing. It’s especially good for wet use as the fibers hold water well. Palmyra is made from palm and is extremely rugged and medium-stiff, making it ideal for heavy deck scrubbing tasks, either wet or dry.

Heavy Duty Scrub Brush

You can also find deck scrub brushes with synthetic bristles, which are often longer-lasting than their natural counterparts but aren’t as eco-friendly. Nylon bristles are durable and resistant to acids and are great for use either wet or dry. Polypropylene bristles are affordable but aren’t great for wet scrubbing. Polystyrene bristles can be used wet or dry but are somewhat on the soft side, so they’re not the best option for heavy-duty use.

Head size

The size of the head on a deck scrub brush can range from a compact 5 inches to a gigantic 18 inches. Anything over 12 inches can be somewhat difficult to maneuver and tricky to get in tight spots, but if you have a large area to scrub, you get through it more quickly with a larger head. Smaller deck scrub brushes are lightweight and affordable, but they’re best suited to cleaning relatively small areas of decking or flooring.



Not all deck scrubbers come with a handle attached. Some are sold as the head only, but with a hole or two to fit a handle that you need to buy separately. This is inconvenient and you need to make sure your chosen handle is compatible, so choose a model with a handle already attached unless you have a handle already and simply need to replace the head.

Built-in scraper

Some deck scrub brushes have a built-in scraper on the head. You can use this scraper for removing tough, stuck-on dirt that the bristles aren’t able to remove.


Deck scrub brushes can range in price from less than $10 for models without handles included to over $50 for the most rugged industrial deck scrubbers. You can find some excellent models for around $20 to $40, however.


Q. How do deck scrub brushes differ from other brushes?

A. Deck scrub brushes are specifically designed with heavy-duty scrubbing in mind, whereas standard brooms and brushes often have softer bristles meant for sweeping, aren’t meant to be used wet, or won’t stand up to use with strong cleaning products.

Q. Do I need to clean my deck scrubber after use?

A. To keep it in good condition and prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria building up, you should thoroughly rinse the bristles of your deck scrubber and allow them to dry before storing it. Dry your deck scrubber outdoors in direct sunlight (if the weather allows), since sunlight naturally kills bacteria.

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