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What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We offer standard shipping on all products being shipped inside the USA

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Due to COVID-19 Packages may be delayed. We are working around the clock to get your order out safely.

What Grilling Safety Tips do you Have?

It’s recommended to replace your grill brush if the bristles flatten, loosen, do not clean properly, or the block becomes curved. Frequent replacement will provide optimum performance, assuring that your grill is always clean and safe to use.

A true grill master uses a grill brush after each use.  A full wash down of the grill is recommended once a month to remove any heavy build-up.

  1. Always use the correct brush for the job. A wire scratch brush used for removing paint or rust is NOT a grill cleaning brush.
  2. Carefully inspect your grill cleaning brush for loose or damaged bristles. If you find any bristles that are loose, severely bent or broken, replace your grill brush.
  3. Visually inspect your grill each time before you place food on the grates to be certain there are no bristles or other foreign matter stuck to the grill.
  4. When cleaning your grill, make certain that no residue is left on the grill before you begin cooking.
  5. Never rinse or submerge your brush in water.
  6. Never leave your brush resting on a hot grill.
  7. To clean, simply shake the particles of food off by hitting the brush block on a hard surface. You may also rub a damp cloth over the bristles and shake the particles off.

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We accept ALL major credit cards.

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Our Site is SSL encrypted – so you never have to worry!

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Do I need an account to place an order?

Nope – although having an account will speed up the checkout process, it is not necessary to place an order

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

Its easy! Just email info@lifestylebrushes.com with your order #

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A tracking number will be sent to your email once your order has shipped

How Can I Return a Product?

First make sure its been less than 30 days and your product is not damaged.

Then E-mail info@lifestylebrushes.com with your order #