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best grill brushes


Summer is the ultimate grilling season (hello, holiday BBQs!), so you want to make sure your grill is ready to go in time with the best grilling accessories out there — and that includes cleaning tools. Brushing gunky grill grates might not be the first thing you feel like doing after eating, but it’ll help avoid tasting yesterday’s sirloin on tomorrow’s veggie burger. Plus, a regular cleaning routine can help reduce the chance of a dangerous flare-up and extend the life of your grill.
(As excerpted from; should you clean your grill? After cooking while the grates are cooling, but still warm. As for what type of grill brush to use, there are wire, wireless, nylon, and stone. Always check with your grill’s manufacturer for recommended cleaning tips or preferred tools to get certain results. Be warned if you’re using a bristle brush: check that bristles haven’t fallen out or gotten stuck to the grill: These can be ingested and cause harm if swallowed.Whether you have a pellet, gas, or charcoal grill, here are the best grill brushes to buy this year, based on brands our cooking and cleaning experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute use and trust, and the top-rated grill brushes by consumers who swear by them:


Sienna Appliances Grilltastic Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

This powerful scrubber might be on the pricier side, but it’s worth the investment. It’s a favorite of our Cleaning Lab and we actually use it to clean our grills in the GH Test Kitchen! Fill it with water and plug it in, and it produces hot steam that cleans all the grease off of your grill.


Brandless Grill Brush

Sure, this Brandless brush might not be as durable as our top pick, but for just $6 it’s worth a shot. Avoid accidental bristles in your food by only using this low-cost brush for a season or two before you replace it.


Lifestyle Brushes Ultimate Grill Brush 2.0

This traditional brush and scraper combo is a strong, sturdy tool to clean your grill with. It’s available in two different lengths — 12 inches and 18 inches — and it has a bonus scraper on the back of the brush to help you remove any caked-on food.


Weber Detailing Brush

This Weber grilling tool is called a detailing brush for a reason: its unique, slim shape makes it super easy to clean all those tricky corners inside your grill. The bristles are made of stainless steel, while the handle is made of plastic.


Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush

If you’d rather play it safe and get a completely bristle-free grill brush, try this one from Kona. It features three layers of stainless-steel, so it’s basically like cleaning with three brushes at once. Plus, the brand says it’s safe to use on all different types of grills.


Unicook Nylon Grill Brush

Your brush has probably been through a lot of wear and tear by the end of grilling season. Instead of replacing the entire thing when it’s worn out, this grill brush allows you to remove and replace just the brush head. Since the brush is made of nylon, be sure to let the grill cool down before using this one.


GrillStone Grill Cleaner Starter Set

This tool might not technically be a brush, but it’s still a great way to scrub down your grill so it looks squeaky clean. Plus, it’s made of 95% recycled materials. One set comes with a handle and two blocks, but you could even opt to use the stone on its own.

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